Frequently asked questions regarding email hosting

Are email accounts and email hosting included with my web site hosting account?
Yes. Your account includes support for several hundred email accounts based on your hosted domain name.
Example, anything@<your domain here>.tld

How do I create new email accounts?
Email accounts can be created, modified, or deleted via your hosting control panel.

Is POP3 supported? How about IMAP and web mail?
We support all three. Webmail can be accessed through the URL mail.<your domain name here>

What are the settings for setting up my email client?
Typically the host names for SMTP (outgoing), POP3 (incoming), and IMAP are all mail.<your domain name here>. SMTP, POP3, and IMAP all use the standard port. Your user name is the full email address. Please refer to your original setup email or the hosting control panel for more information.

Does the mail server support SSL/TLS security?
Yes. All protocols (and webmail) support SSL/TLS.

Can I create autoresponders?
Yes. Log onto your email account via webmail to create auto response messages.

My incoming mail works, but my outgoing mail is being rejected by the mail server.
The outgoing mail server requires a user name and password (authentication) to send mail. you will need to configure your email client to send authentication information with outgoing email. The outbound user name and password match the inbound settings.

I have outbound authentication setup, but my outbound mail is still rejected.
Your ISP (AT&T, Verizon, etc) most likely blocks outbound SMTP email that does not pass through their mail servers. Change the outbound mail server settings for the email account in question, to match the outbound settings of your ISP supplied email address.

Can I send out spam through your mail servers?
No. We will terminate your account, and sue you for fees, costs and damages.

My mailbox is full, but I only have a few messages in my inbox.
Users who exclusively use IMAP or webmail may run into this issue.
All mail in all folders in your mailbox, counts towards your storage limit. That includes sent items, the deleted folder, the spam folder, everything.

POP3 users typically do not run into this issue.

What are "forwarding only" email accounts?
Forwarding only accounts do not send mail. Forwarding only addresses accept incoming email, then ship it off to another address. Forwarding only addresses are typically used in a few different ways.
  • Consolidating incoming mail from several addresses, to a single address
    ex: Bob handles all of the email for, and, so you may as well just forward all of these accounts to
  • Delivering mail from one address, to two or more addresses
    Your company has a generic address for new sales of But you have three sales people (Joe, Bob, Kim). You can set to forward to and and

I consolidate all of my email at gmail/yahoo/hotmail, and will forward my mail there.
This is a horrible idea (the forwarding, not the consolidation).

If you set your domain email to forward to aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail/msn, etc., you will be forwarding spam too. That spam will be forwarded through your domain mail servers. This will quickly destroy the email reputation of your domain, and the mail servers that handle the email for your domain.

All of the free email providers (aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail/msn, and even comcast) support automatic checking of third party email accounts. Gmail (and others) will fetch the email for you, import it into your account, tag it with a different color so that you know what account it came from, and do all sorts of other fancy things. This is a much better option for consolidating your email, as you won't destroy the sending reputation of your domain.

But I have 12 email accounts that I want to forward to my personal gmail/hotmail account.
Forward those 12 addresses to another email address on your domain, then POP3 import that address into your aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail/msn, or comcast account.